Erratic Ideling


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I found the informative topic above thanks to google. I disconnected the IAC valve as instructed and the idle didn't increase but slightly decreased maintaining the erratic idle.

I just had a custom intake manifold installed so that could be the culpret but I am troubleshooting other things first. I had to create a series of hoses and couplers to recreate the map and IACV system. Anyhow, I disconnected the Throttle Position sensor because I vaugely remeber that being the problem a couple years ago. See the harness is busted so it kinda just sits there. So I disconnect it and reconnect it to find my car idling fairly normal, considering the new head work and what not I don't know what normal is. But it sounds tolerable. Missing a small beat her and there. That should just be timing.

So I shut off the car and reset the ECU only to experience the dreaded erratic idle again. So I beg you, what do I need to do now. Is it the IACV as I described earlier when compaired to the article above? Or is it a vacuum? I only have 3 large vacuum couplers drilled in the manifold. I left one soley for the brake booster and I did tap into it for the regulator. The other for the vacuum canister and the IACV. And the 3rd I left for the MAP sensor. I don't know the name of it but it normaly sits in the center of the Intake manifold. I removed that upon hearing that Honda created it to prevent engine stall in the event that the car came quickly down from 8,000 RPMs. In which case I was told to position the throttle cable to where it would never drop below 800 rpms anyways.

Sorry to babble so here's a pic of the monster in the garage.