error code P0410 2nd air injection


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tried to get 03 to pass smog but got a error code P0410 Secondary Air injection System, what can cause it?

i cam home check all cables and code but light wont go out

Any help will be

Ronny Cage

do you have aftermarket intake? also check your tubing coming into the intake/stock intake box. especially on the stock intake box its comming to pinch the one 1/4 hose and pop that code. I popped that code after doing a serpentine belt on my buddy's s2000, didnt put the solid black cover on correctly and popped that code, I hear this code pops for the charcoal canister as well... i'll look into it more for you but that off the top of my head, good luck!


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p0410got it fix airpump replaced
p0411 replaced Vac tube hose
stillerror code incorrect flow come to find out kinked airflow hose lower return all good now