Es Oval

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Does anyone here use this? Iam installing mine on Friday this week. I bought it from gearhead performance in clearwater. Can you answer a question. How do you like it? I bought it cause I think the person before me hollowed out the muffler or somthing the noise is comming from that area. The car is rediculously loud so hopfullly this solves the problem. I Dont have a cat.


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Get a cat, that also is part of your problem. The 1-2 hp it gives you isnt worth the trouble you get in if you are caught without one anyways.


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here in florida we don't have a use for cat's...and here is a picture of the ES OVAL. jdmhondaparts sells them and they're extremely popular, plus they sound pretty good for a straight through design.

jaymin...just have it welded onto your prexisting stainless steel exhaust at an angle where the tip is beyond the bumper.



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Originally posted by asmallsol@Feb 16 2003, 10:36 PM
What eactly is it? do you have anylinks or anything?

edit* You mean this?

BTW clearwater michigan or flordia?

clearwater,FL. I dont have to have a cat out here the laws don't care to much out here for smog. Its not like its a problem. Its already off so might as well just leave it I guess. ;) Chet was saying just weld a second resonator on if its still to loud.


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here are some very ROUGH pictures that i just drew.

but you guys get the is how the exhaust is now, sounds like the "muffler" is completely hollowed out...sounds like shit!


i would have the rear section bent so its at an angle, and have the es oval mounted at an this...


could also be done like this...although the flow would be worse, not sure if there is even enough room...


or, could be done like this...would also look good although i'm not sure about the room with the EF's.



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microsoft paint shop, very high tech.

I dont think that there is room for option 4. I think that option 2 is going to be the best flowing one (if forth is gone)


i've seen option 4 on this dude's crx. his muffler stuck out a good 5 inches though... looked kinda bad