ever had days like this?

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yeah, thats crazy.
i remember this one time when i was a robot, i was walking through the industrial side of town just minding my own business, when this annoying fucking dog came up and starting barking at me. I mean this little thing seriously wouldnt give up. i walked down rough alleys, up and down stairs, in and out of buildings. the thing kept following me, wouldnt stop.
so when i was certain that nobody else was around and looking i punted the little shit straight into the air, i was satisfied with myself. Smiling, i started to walk away, then all of a sudden the dog landed straight on my head. I was pissed, smacked me right up top and splattered all over me. so i swapped an annoying bark for a whole mess all over me, and people wouldnt stop staring.

but luckily, those days are behind me and im not longer a robot.
thank god.