everyone please read

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what is a tranny, what is a block, what is a head? i wanna run my teg that my parents baught without pistons and get twin turbo's with 300 shot of nos. and i will get 20 whp if i lose my crankshaft (":whatafucktard:")

wow isnt that funny i hear this all the time from kids who are spoiled and there mommy's and daddy's buy them everything. why cant we just kick all there asses so the rest of us wont look bad?

sorry i posted this twice but i have to let people know how much i hate this. stupid ass spoiled kids that know nuthin and buy everything, yeah i hate those kinds

please respond and give me ur thoughts on this
I feel the same way. When i first started reading your post i was like :wtf: this person is a fucking idiot. Anyways, yea, I go to the nicer school in my city but i am on the "poor" side of the schools boundries, i hear at least once a week girls wineing, my parents suck, they wont buy me a 2003 SVT cobra, instead they are buying me a 2001 GT mustang. Or this one kid who was talking to me about "performance" his parents are buying him a 2003 yellow caviler and then they are going to pay for his altezzas and exhaust tip and 17's. (I kinda feel bad for that kid that his parents are making him drive that piece of shit, you could not pay me to drive that) I am 16 and i paid for every penny of my car. Only thing that my parents have done for me is buy my first tank of gas (only 11.9 gallons :( ) and if i want to make it go fast, i must pay for everything with my own money. When people tell me, oh yea, my parents are only giving me 13K to spend on a car, i want to rip their heads off and tell them "damn you fucking spoiled little brat, be fucking grateful, evenbetter, buy your car with your own fucking money"
good to know im not the only one who feels this way, i know exactly what u mean i live in a rich school district but i have the smallest house in it. kylemarhx u can go fuck ur self buddy u must be one of those spoiled kids im talking about <_<

sorry to the admins i dont mean to piss u off but u must know how i feel and im spreading my thoughts please do not lock this i wont double anything again
Originally posted by g2teg2002@Dec 24 2002, 09:58 PM
kylemarhx u can go fuck ur self buddy u must be one of those spoiled kids im talking about <_<


this is your first warning. please do not say stuff like that to other members of the board. anymore stuff like that said, you will get banned. again, this is your first warning.
I agree, but at the same time if my parents wanted to give me 5k to spend on my car I wouldn't turn it down, and I'm 23! Too much oppertunity wasted on posers.

"what's a tranny, what's a block?" don't worry kid, you shouldn't have to worry about that after your TT with 300 shot of NNNAAAWWWZZZ runs its first 1/4 mile. If you really want to know, it will be the part of your car that ruptures the hood and sails 50ft into the air about half way down the track!
trailor park pimp how bout u dont play one side read the crap he has sent me and i see no warnings for him. not makin beaf but be consistent if ur goin to be a leader. read it for yourself-https://hondaswap.com/forums/index.php?act=ST&f=7&t=3515

sorry for my choice of vocab before though
i deleted the other thread. DO NOT double post- i dont care how important it is. 99% of our membership reads every forums anyway...

as for kyle telling you to fuck off, maybe he only read the first sentence of your post and gave up. I almost did too.
its not a good way to start a thread. it makes YOU sound liek the ricer until you read on.

so just drop the whole thing... no hard feelings and stop e-fighting already
sorry g2teg. i wasen't tryin' to pick a fight, i don't like ricers or uneducated people tryin' to talk 'bout shit they no nothing about. i just found your post somewhat arrogant. i don't see anything wrong with parents helping out their kid(s), buy their first cars or what not. it's not where the money comes from makes these people buy euros, body kits, neons and carbon fiber wings. there are just as many ricers if not more that buy their own shit as there are spoiled kids that choose to spend their parents hard earned money. but yeah... no hard feelings if that's aiight with you :beer: .
yeah its cool i know what you mean. there are cool spoiled people who know there shit and do there own work i have no beef with them. but its the kids who know nuthin about cars and didnt even know how to check the oil and there parents got them a gsr with a turbo kit on it and the kid doesnt even know how a turbo works, those are the people i hate. sorry i was kinda aggressive when u posted and my reply's werent to friendly so forget those cause now i have no beef with you aight homie