exedy clutches BLOW


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I am driving in this naighborhood, pull away from a yeild sign, then all of a sudden, my car starts to stumble. It feels like I applied the clutch, held the gas at a constant rate, then let the clutch go, all in a matter of a second or so. It was doing this in first and second for maybe five mintunes. Revs at the time were between 2.5k and 4k RPMs. Clutch sliped. It did it for like a mile on and off (maybe sliped 4 times or so).

So, 3,500 miles after instal, it is already starting to slip. With my old clutch with 150K+ from my old d-series, never slipped once. This POS slips in 3,500 miles with no drag racing, road racing, or autocrossing. Looks like one more then I have to deal with. My list is growing :(

and before anyone says anything, YES I did install it right, YES I did trq everything to spec, YES I did clean everything up with brake clean before I put everything back toghter, NO i never touched the disc with my hands

EDIT YES I did do a 500 mile brake in.


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General conscinses doesn't change here, mines been taking a beating for several thousand miles. Also they make clutches for many OEM cars, including Honda.


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:werd: I have had nothing but great experience with them and never had an issue with one or a customers. You might have gotten a bad egg, or you beat your car like it owes you $. :lol:


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my clutch is good to. the install guide actual recommends readjusting the clutch after 750 miles of breaking it in. not 500. also, did you resurface your flywheel? they have that in bold print also.


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Same problem here. I took it real easy on mine for about a 1000 miles. It was also installed correctly. My stock OEM clutch held much better. I guess you get what you pay for.


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Originally posted by get_nick@Apr 6 2004, 04:01 PM
did you resurface your flywheel? they have that in bold print also.

didn't have to, I bought a flywheel when I bought the clutch.


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I don't have an exedy clutch but i have a low grade rebuilt stock replacement clutch (2nd generation) running on a d16a6 w/ minor addons(i/e...no h yet ;) but for the first 350 miles it ran great. then i found that whenever i'd take off it would sorta bog out and it didn't seem like there was any power. found that adjusting the cluthc cable was the issue that it had been just a bit tight not allowing the cluthc to completely settle. I was going down the freeway, 70mph @ 4500rpm in 5th gear which was extremely high ('91 crx si, d16a6 w/ '90 civic ex tranny, the gearing is longer) well I adjusted the clutch a bit and went back out ont he highway and found myself in a better rpm range of just over 3200.

having your flywheel resurfaced is also important otherwise after 3500miles on a bad flywheel say bye bye new clutch.

is your cluthc cable adjusted correctly?

did you clean your flywheel off with a waterbased cleaner like mean green or anything if suggested by the company? mine was coated with this oilly film and had to be cleaned otherwise it would cause disc chattering and other problems.



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i'm using exedy as well... no problems thus far and i didn't even clean anything when putting it back in (i think massey did for me though when we were doing the swap this last weekend). but i've had that clutch in since last june on the B16. i say its a manufacture defect, call them up and get a replacement. just sucks you have to pull the tranny again, i hate doing clutches...