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I've think I'm going to make my car an all track car. Not worry about being street legal at all. I was wondering if I just do a short dump pipe out of my ek and have it end up behind the front wheel or in front of the rear wheel...would that cause problems? Can that damage my motor? And how loud would that be? Has anyone ever done just a pipe off of at C5 before? Lots of questions, I know, but any answers would be great.


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making a racing b-pipe is nothign new, but make sure it terminates after your ffront wheels and WAY before your back ones, i'll give you a more detailed expol;anation when i haven't beene niping back at a geew of the :beer:


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i think dc sports makes a titanium header that turns into a downpipe that they use on there dc sports race integras

my friend had one on his prelude.


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check with the requirements for the league you plan to run with
some require it to exit in certain places, some require it to meet Db limits, etc etc

see what is "legal" in the league you want to run in and go from there


alot of the newer custom header companies, header tech, bisimoto, an-r and such can make you a side exit header for your car and engine. Good luck


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I'll check on the scca requirements today at the event. Thanks guys! I'll post photos of todays stuff if I see anything worth posting.

Talk more this afternoon.


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With regards to your question to how loud it is without a muffler, I have a b18a1, I pulled the rear secton of the muffler off, so the exhaust exited just before the rear right wheel well of my 91 teg. It was hella loud, but awesome sounding. Didn't sount like a fart cannon like some exhausts do; it was really low pitched, loud as hell(take the loudest exhaust you have ever heard, and multiply it by 2.5) and when my friend drove it past me in it(I was driving my friends sub 2.5rs, also a fast car btw), I thought my car sounded like one of those rally cars on wrc. Anyway, maybe that sounded a little ricey, my car is by no means fast yet. Just keep in mind that if you run open header, your exhaust won't have any backpressure, and your exhaust will burble when you rev it and then let off the gas. I like it personally.


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So no real dangers in doing this? I just talked to some SCCA people and they said that there is a db rule, but they don't enforce it in our region. I'm gonna go for it!