Exhaust Question

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Does anyone know if the length of a b pipe on a civic hb and a gsr are the same? I have a cat that I made fit a gsr b pipe that then has my civic axleback on. I am looking at getting a whole catback system and I'd like to not have to do anything custom. Otherwise I'm gonna have to get a b pipe for a gsr with a civic axleback to make it fit.

Hopefully that makes sense.



From what I've seen personally, I can make the assumption that Integra B-Pipe is similar to the Civic Coupe pipe. I'm not sure if the B-pipe is different, or if the axle-back is changed.


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i THINK that the integra exhaust is shorter, bu i very well could be wrong so hopefully someone will now for sure.


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i have a 93 hatch with 97 gsr header cat and mid ppipe(this is b?) and all bolts up and lines up right but i have a broken bolt in the axle flange so i was never able to put the muffler back on. but from what see it will def fit. but dont try and use a gsr or coupe muffler because they are too big. only hatch