Exhaust setup

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90 hatch with an LS motor. I have a header that opens to 2" so I was thinking 2 inch piping the whole way back (thats all that can come out since thats how big the header is right?). I'm not a big fan of the nine and a half foot exhaust tips coming out of the car so I was kind of thinking with getting another stock Si muffler. So my question is, will the stock si muffler restrict the 2 inch piping on the rest of the exhaust, making it pointless?
I would think so. The stock mufflers are built like a maze inside to help reduce the noise. I would either buy a nice catback that is quiet like the RS*R or Greddy SP, or if money is an issue, get a muffler shop to do the piping and use 2 resinators to help keep the sound down.
I have 3" piping to one resonator and its not loud or abnoxious at all.

and yes, going from 2 to 1.75 will hurt performance, but not tremendously. It will defeat the purpose of the larger pipe though.