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I have an jdm obd1 gsr swap in my 94 civic cx hatchback and don't know what exhaust to get beacuse the piping on the gsr is 2 1/2.. I was thinking about going 2 1/2 custom piping all the way with an type one titanumin muffler.
My friends think i should do the piping then got with the universal mufller of skunk 2, or hks hiper, dunk, or even apex'i n1.
Also what piping size would be best?
any suggestion would help me alot.
2.5 sounds good. What is a type one titanumin muffler? If it is an off brand, your money would be better well spent on a more known brand. They also generally have a much better sound quality.
My hard earned money says "shop around get other options,stick with tried and tested".That type one don't look bad,but I'd ask around about it,one thing I noticed is that they are listed as chassis specific applications,which doesn't make sense for just the muffler,are they cat backs?