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Selling my 1989 Civic CRX SI
VIN furnished upon request
Mileage upon request
5-speed D16A6
All power options! RUNS GREAT!
Mods are:
Injen intake, Jackson Racing cat-back exhaust, Tokico shocks and springs.
Great car need to sell fast! PM for pictures!


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im super intrested and you only live a hundred miles away we could work something out real quick
Originally posted by Celerity@Aug 2 2005, 11:31 AM
All power options ? Details ?
[post=534456]Quoted post[/post]​

Power Breaks, Power Moon Roof, no PS small car dont need it


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So "all power options" means it has the factory sunroof - Which is standard on the Si anyway.

With swaps and JDM connections, "all power options" could mean a transplanted power windows / locks (CRX Special Editions from Canada, for instance). Just wondering.