F S : Everything From My 95 Civic Coupe

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So my friend wrecked my car, and I'm selling parts to try and get money (obviously).

My B18B swap was done less than 1000 miles ago, so all of the engine and exhaust/intake parts are barely even broken in! The B18B setup has a ***NEW*** clutch in it, which has less than 300 miles on it. The old D15 motor I have still has a leaking head gasket, but has a new timing belt installed. I know I am taking a loss on this stuff, but please make me a reasonable offer.

This is a link to my current eBay auctions

Among the parts I have for sale:

1994 B18B1 motor, tranny, ECU, axles, shift linkage ("COMPLETE LS SWAP")
has the stock Integra LS transmission, with new OEM clutch
NEW! Passenger-side axle
Driver-side axle
1995 Integra LS ECU (car computer)
engine mounts from LS motor
Integra LS shift linkage (required for most swaps)
Integra throttle cable
All harnesses intact
NEW! K&N oil filter (assuming I can find it)
stock alternator from the B18 motor is still intact, but I also have...
stock alternator from my D15 with < 5 hours on it
A/C compressor for D15 motor
K&N drop-in air filter for 92-95 Civics, with roughly 15-20K miles
4-into-1 ceramic coated exhaust header (DC Sports, JDM specifications)
AEM Cold Air Intake with less than 1000 miles of use
Bosch oxygen sensor
Ground Control coilovers
Eibach springs (weights: 450 front,600 rear)
Koni adjustable struts (single-valved front, double-valved rear)
Neuspeed strut braces and tie bars
Civic SI Wheels (15"x6", bolt pattern = 4x100) with Falken Azeni tires (205/50/15)
Powerslot slotted disc brake rotors and matching pads (front only)
Goodridge stainless steel braided brake lines (set of 4)
ALL MY EXHAUST PARTS (flowmaster cat, flex pipe, stainless muffler with removeable baffle, 18" glass pack....)
My old beater motor, D15 with leaking head gasket, new timing belt

And... I really need to sell *anything* else that you might be interested in. If anyone wants to buy a bunch of the stuff, I will work up a price for them. Please, make me some offers. I know there are people out there who need this stuff. I will literally sell the doors off this thing.

Was your car a LX, EX or SI??? If it was I would love to buy the Gauge cluster out of your car. I need a tachometer and want the sleeper look so a stock tachometer cluster would rock. Drop me a PM if you have one of these models or a tachometer. Also if you're parting out your engine how much would you take for your LS shift linkage? I need the stabalizer and shifter part....LOL... PM me on that also if your auction doesn't work out and you want to part. I'll see if I still need it after a week. Also...How much do you want for the header? I need one for my B18 Swap so give me a ballpark number.
I thank everyone for their interest. All the big ticket items have been sold. All that is left is a few small pieces... muffler, and little plastic bits here and there. Let me know if there is something in particular that someone might need.