F/S.....Rice kit...ready to bolt on and go....

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Rest In Peace
four sail...

Pick up only in CT....will not ship.

Full funky Super high flowing fully funtioning rice kit....I'll open the price at $250....but I will not take less than $75 for it....unless you have some mighty good beer to accompany your offer.

The wing is the ultimate peppy boys, and auto stoned APC super dupper dapper fully adjustable non-bio-degrade-able super downforce producing fully adjustable to fit any car (some fab work required to put on soft-top Geo Trackers) with common household tools and expencive hole produceing devices like the famouse drill that will help promote oxidation where the wing will mount, only the brave and mechanically inclined people should be approved to install this on the sweet JDM ride you have...all though I have found that a .22 short shell fired from a rifle will produce the correct hole in the trunk on some cars...but care should be taken to make sure the gas tank is out of the way before attempting this method...don't ask me how I know.. There are a few stratigicaly placed scratches on the wing, to help tune the correct airflow for a certain car that it was on, but I would suggest repainting the wing to an off color that doesnt match your cars color tone, so the wing can be seen at night, and in the day it will absorb the suns UV rays and will heat up to make it 0.003 times lighter, which is good for light to light racing.

The muffler was pulled off of an Acura Ledgend, but it is not a stock muffler. It is an aftermarket OEM replacement that someone installed...but with some fabwork....it should fit any car. the inlet dia. looks to be 1 1/2 and the outlet dai. looks to be 1 1/8 of an inch. perfect for building up a lot of backpressure to help get more lower end torque. I'll have to take a calipher to it to get the correct sizes later...

The resonator...it was lost during the move, but I think I can get another one with no problem. The one pictured was a deep toned perfectly tuned res. The material constructed for it was of super high quality, that it actaully had a deep growl. But due to the high gas prices...I had to remove it for it made me want to step on the accelerator too much to just hear it. I think I have another one in the garage, I'll have to look around for it...but there will definately be a resonator with this sale...

You can PM me here and we can set up an arrangement for you to come pick it up...sorry...I can't meet you somewhere or ship it..since I have too many things to do at the house and lately I haven't been able to sleep because of being just to damn busy. I will accept trades....in the form of beer. a few cases of Corona..and this awesome, powerfull rice kit will be yours.

lemme guess B was the first one in the ricer car? hmm that wing is pimp though man...that would fit perfect with my yellow paint job and that would create awesome downforce becuase you know my honda is a RWD LOL