F/S Turbo parts AEM Cam Gears, Walbro, manifold


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Since I sold my integra there is really no reason to hold onto the turbo parts for it. If the part is brand new that means I never even installed it. I live in Concord NH 03301

Prices do NOT including shipping charges.

$125 (Brand new) AEM Cam Gears B-series silver 5-bolt (a pair)
$35 1G uncrushed DSM BOV
$50 each (Brand New) Slim fans for keeping your AC with a turbo setup (2)
$30 (Brand new) ARP Rod Bolts for b18b
$15 !Shipped! Vaccuum Manifold with fittings

* (All Brand New) Timing Belt, Water Pump, Head Gasket (All OEM Honda for a b18b) Price to come


$75 !Shipped! (Brand new) Walbro 255lph fuel pump for 92-00 civic or 94-01 integra *Pending*

$215 (Brand New) Percision Intercooler 350HP - 26.75Lx6.20Hx3.50D 2.5" In/Out *Sold*
$30 (Brand new) ARP Rod Bolts for b18b *Sold*
$355 !shipped! (No shaft play) Garrett T3/T4E turbo .57/.63 *Sold*
$55 each set DSM 450cc Injectors (2-sets of 4 each) *Sold*
$35 each 1G uncrushed DSM BOV (2) *Sold*
$190 (Brand new) Tial 38mm wastegate 7psi spring *Sold*
$85 (Brand new) ARP Head Studs for b18b *Sold*


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Originally posted by projectxspeed@Jun 24 2005, 10:45 AM

$225 (Brand new) B-series Log turbo manfold flanged for a a tial 35mm/38mm WG
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will the manifold hold a turbontics t3 turbo if so send pictures of manifold to [email protected]


how much for that intercooler shipped to cali 92408???
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can you take a picture of the underside of the manifold. very interested but have to see if it work for my turbo.
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can you take a picture of the exhaust side of the turbo, so i can see the bolt patterns. If it will work with a t3 flange i'll think about it