F1 stage 3 clutch and 8lbs flywheel

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labe lincoln

New Member
Today I bought a F1 stage 3 clutch and lightweight 8lb flywheel. I will be running it in my 95 civic with a B18a with 200hp na to 300nitrous. Good deal i got it through work for wholesale price at 240.00 Does anyone have any experience with these clutches, and know how they perform. Do they have a good reputation? I allready bought it im just curious.


So much with a little D
You should always go with proved parts like (Clutch Master, Exedy or ACT)... What I heard is that they are CRAP...
Next time before you spend 200.00 do a research or at least ask to does who are using this EBAY Clutches....


Supa Mod
yea.. do some research before you buy something next time.. it'll help you from wasting money