F20B Del-Sol Swap

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I purchased an F20B swap for my 2000 Accord in March. I use my Accord to get to and from work. I wasn't confident that I could complete the swap in a weekend and I really need to go to work. After doing some research about the F20B I decided to clean the cob webs off of the 1993 Del Sol I have been meaning to repair since 2007 and stuff the F20B in it!:D

This is what I've done so far:

1) Removed the old LS-VTEC B18
2) Removed the seats, console, steering column, carpet, dash and all interior trim
3) I pulled and repaired the lower tie bar (I think the last owner hit a curb, the lower tie bar was pushed back about 2 inches)
4) I drilled out the lower radiator and condenser mount brackets and welded them in place to make the prelude radiator I ordered fit under the hood. (I hope it fits between that huge motor and my little radiator support)
5) I removed the entire suspension; cross member, knuckle, strut sway bar, rack and pinion etc.
6) I sanded and primed the engine compartment after I repaired the radiator support.
7) I raided the junk yard and stripped the shifter and pedals from a 99 Acura 2.3 CL just in case the clutch master cylinder moves more volume than the one that's currently in my Del Sol. I hooked the linkage up to the shifter and was able to shift through every gear.

Tomorrow I'm planning on taking the steering rack apart, de-greasing the cross member, sanding and refinishing it so she lasts a while. I have to pull the transmission off the motor and get the VIN off of the engine block behind the flywheel (the other tags are missing from the F20B). I ordered Prelude axles and an H22 motor mount kit.

I have a few questions

1) I look at the motor mount kit I purchased, there is a mount that fits on top of the suspension cross member. Does the B18 rear motor bracket fit onto my F20B or do I take the front bracket from the F20B and use it in the rear? Not that I won't figure it out but it would be nice to not have to figure that out while the motor and transmission are swinging on the engine hoist.

2) Will my stock Prelude axles fit or do I need to have them chopped? She has Si hubs and brakes.

3) Interior wire harness and instrument cluster???? I was thinking of raiding a few junk yards to find a Prelude instrument cluster and interior wire harness after I figure out exactly what this motor and transmission came out of via the VIN on the back of the block. Will the P28 computer's OBD1 wire harness and cluster work with the F20B's computer if it's OBD1? I'm unsure of what year the motor is at this time but it would be nice to save $$$ on parts if I can use what I've got.

Thanks in advance.

PS... How do I post pictures? I've been taking photos since I started.


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Do you have the photos posted online somewhere? Like Photobucket or Facebook? That's what you need to do. Then you can use the little picture button here to post them on the forum...


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Update. Lost interest in my Del Sol project when I bought my 2013 Ford Focus ST since it's a great little car. Then I participated in an autoX event and I'm motivated to finish the Del Sol F20B swap again.

I lost interest in 2012 when I ran into trouble getting my hands on a service manual for the donor vehicle that the power train came out of... a 1997-2002 Honda Accord Torneo aka Accord Sir-T. Since I ran that autox I've been searching with renewed intensity but I'm still having problems finding a service manual and ETM.

Does anyone know where i can get either a paper or PDF copy of the ETM and the Service Manual for the 1997-2002 Accord Torneo aka Accord Sir-T in English (there are plenty available in PDF format in Russian but that doesn't help me)???


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I've heard that I can just strip a 97-01 Prelude and use the manifold , harnesses and sensors from that but I'd prefer to make my own harnesses with only the essentials.


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Give Helm Inc a call? They would be the best bet. If you're going to go forward with the swap, it's worth the price for the official manual.