F20B in to integra or civic

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just want to know if i can throw in a F20B long block into a integra or 5th gen civic(with LS engine). do the tranmission match? can i use the integra tranmission? or i need a full swap?

coz i want to get a integra or 5then civic(with LS engine), and turbo it.
so when the LS engine blow up, i want to throw in the F20B....
or if i get a civic, i may just sawp a F20B and turbo it

whats the point... its a 2.0 engine that is not designed for the civic/integra chasis... it will be about the same trouble as putting an H22/H23 in there without the benefit of having the extra .2-.3 displacement... if your bent on getting a 2.0 engine get the B20 its a direct drop in for that chasis and will not give you the weight issues you will get from an H or F series engine
ic...thx....yeah....i know it's kind of stupid...

and is the f20b is a sohc?

one more question, what is a b20??...CRV engine?