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hmmm, it seems the engine list on this site is lacking and important engine in my eyes. How cool would it be to swap a F20B into a hatch you say? well, first we'd have to know what a F20B is. its the engine out of the SiR accord. 200hp and 143 ft/lbs. or something of the sorts. and no where on this site could i find it. i just thought it was an intresting additive to the site. i think that is what i am putting in my hatch, lots of HP and gobs of Toque. :worthy: F20B


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I know what the F20B is. Yes, it's a rare, cool engine that you don't see much of.

IMO, it's not worth the extra cash you pay to get the same horsepower and less torque than you do with a JDM H22A. If you're really intent on getting a more rare JDM engine, get yourself an H22A out of a Prelude Type S, it's got 220 horses and comes with an optional LSD.
I have an F20B in my car from factory and i did some research on it and it is basically a 2 liter version on the Type S H22A. It produces 200 hp so it gets the same 100 hp per liter as the Type S 2.2 liters so it would so it has the same work (cams, ported head, 11.0:1 compression ratio, etc) as the Type S just and it does come with a LSD from factory. They were the top of the line Accord model in japan before the Euro R came out.
I forgot to add that i doesnt have a powersteering pump so there is only room for one belt on the crank pulley. Steering is done via electronically controlled servo incase you're wondering :worthy: (EPS). Alot of work to build up. i too would like to see it in the engine listing though but its almost unheard of it seems and no one knows the specs(bore, stroke, etc)