F22b1 block H23a1 head

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Hey everyone I am new here and I haven't been able to find the information I have been looking for anywhere on the internet... I have 2 complete engines a F22b1 out of a 95 accord and a H23a1 out of my 95 prelude... The H23 block is hurt and needs sleeves, the head on the F22 is shot but save able if I want to put new valve seats and guides in it. What I want to do is bore out the f22 block the 3mm to make it a 2.3l throw the h23 head on it and add boost... I have a list of parts that I know I am going to have to get I am just wondering if I have forgotten anything...
I know I am going to need
1. New crank
2. New cams
3. H-beam rods
4. Some nice forged pistons
5. Bigger injectors
6. Remapped ECM
ECT... I am mainly looking to see where I should go and what brands I should try to use and what ones I should stay away from
Well I am going to be putting about 500 a month into it, I have a lot of spare parts lying around and I would like to keep it in that budget I am in no rush to get it done but i am also looking for suspension parts that are higher performance
Right on man welcome to Honda swap, you should start off by posting a build thread with pictures of your car and the motors we are working with there are different varients of each with obd wiring etc but yea
Don't have a working camera on my phone, but I did snap a few of the two cars I am starting with two complete cars so I can guarantee that I will have the correct harnesses for everything... The donor car is a 96 accord that was running and driving and the project car is a 95 prelude si. Here is the pic of the accord will get the one of my prelude tomorrow when I wake up for work
I have access to a accord with obd1 wiring but I didn't think it would matter because I was going to use the head and distributor and intake off of the 95 if it all fits