f22b1 dohc/nonvtec in here but f22b1sohc/vtec inGA

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this page shows me a f22b1 dohc/vtec but no f22b1 sohc/vtec that someone wants to sell me in Georgia/Us and i don't want any bullshit engine in my accord for1.
No, I really don't. If he means the engine code, he should look in the same sentence that he wrote:

"...this f22b1 sohc/vtec..."
I'm back and still need a pic of this engine. Sorry DOHCVTEC about asking for the code# when i already new it.
Hey no problem. Anyway, I may be able to provide a pic for you fairly soon...I may have found a buyer for MY F22B1 that I'm looking to get rid of, and if he wants some pics I'll be taking them in the next few days.
Who are you talking about? And don't even think about throwing the header in with the deal.
Nah, don't worry, the header is yours. But someone saw an old ad of mine for the engine and seems interested. I know you said you were interested too (in the head anyway), but I've had such trouble selling the thing that I need to take offers on it. If I wait any longer I won't be able to sell it.
I understand. Besides, why go to the hassle of a head swap when i'll be doing a h22 swap in a year or two?
True. I'll let you know how it turns out though, and if it isn't sold, maybe you'll change your mind. :)