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Ok i know this was posted before but that guy never got any answers and i've done some searcing and couldn't find info on this topic. alright her goes; i have the 22 motor in my prelude and i have heard that i could put a sohc vtec head on this motor. i hear its the f22b head. is this swap worth the effort? and if so what would i need to make this work? any info is greatly appreciated. thanks


with all the hassle of putting it together and making it work then getting the ecu for the sohc vtec ecu you could just find a motor in a junk yard and be in it for less money or just get the h22 cause the sohc vtec only has about 145hp which is only 10-15 hp more than the f22


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the SOHC vtec f22b1 makes 145 hp- the motor in your lude nows makes 135 hp- they are the exact same block- i don't know if you have a cheap hook up on a head, but for the trouble and aggrevation, i don't think 10 hp is worth it