F23a1 rods?

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I have an F23a1 and I am trying to build the engine to run about 12-15 psi. I am wondering does anyone know the rods specs or know if the rods from the F22 are the same! Crower told me they thought they were the same but didn't know for sure! Here is what I know about the engines.
F23 Bore= 86mm Stroke=3.82 Comp. Ratio= 9.3:1 2.3L
F22 Bore= 86mm Stroke=3.74 Comp. Ratio= 8.8:1 2.2L
I am new to engine building so correct me if I am wrong but doesn't it appear that they are the same engine with a larger stroke on the F23 so wouldn't you assume the rods would be interchangable? Could I use Eagle rods for a F22 and then Forged pistons for an F22 in my F23 and then I will have the lower compression for running higher boost! Anyone who can help me I really need to get building soon. Thanks for any help!