Failing smog = monies?

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Green on the scene.
ok, so we had a sub today in class and hes the teacher of the smog cert class. he was talking about if you take your car to a test only smog check station in california and fail, you can fill out an application online to get $500 from the government to get your car fixed to pass smog.

thought you cali folk might like to know that.

this is the only bit of info i could find online about it..
Daily Pundit The California Smog Check Scam
not really anything.
i did that a couple years ago w/ my hatch.. got a new cat (big one, not the universal crap) and a new o2 sensor.. i think i ended up paying like $50 out of pocket because they went over the $500 w/ labor and testing
wont let me, but in return