Falken Tire Car show and DRIFT!!!!

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Click the link, find the address info, and plug it into Yahoo Maps.... ;)


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one month to go...and I'll have a few pratice sessions before that event...

the wheels will be here in a week or so, they got held up in customs...so there goes my chance to get them re powder coated....ohh well...

A little birdy told me what tires to get for the Z...so I got a few more week-end to work to make the money to afford them...but they will be the Azenis 615's in the front, and the Azenis 215's in the back...going full grip.....so I got to buy 2 of the new Azenis, and 4 of the old azenis... If I go 15"...then they will run me about $520...and 14" will scoot me by under $400...so that's the plan on that. What rims to put them on is still up in the air...I was thinking of the Work E-wings since I have 8 of them...all the same size....but the car looks better in Watanabe's...

I bought 2 Corbeu seats, in black vinyle, and two Scroth race harness's...so that should take care of that...

I got a turbo header coming...now I got to source a t3/t4 turbo...and think about rigging it up if time permits....but that might be a winter project now...hehe

I also got a 3" inlet Supertrap..with 25 disks...about 16" long and 5" wide coming in the mail soon...so now that means I got to fab up a 2.5-3'" header back exhaust....the stock exhaust from 30 years ago finally blew out on me...ohh well...

I got a custom rear strut tower bar coming....

I'm still in search off a diff case, and a 4.11 pinion for the 2 way nismo LSD....and then I'll have to get some Maxima halfshafts, and fab up a disk to mate them to the axels I have.....what fun...but that will take care of the LSD problem...

The engine is running a little slow lately...so it will have to get tuned up and re-tuned...

And then the paint....I got the paint...but I have to get it thinned down to a pleasent cherry/flame red...it's too dark of a blood red right now...it almost is marroon... then to wetsand and spray the car...

I need this all done a by July 15th... :(

July 20th is a srift session at Limerock...if enough people will go....

and then fix what I broke there...swpa the tires around and go down to MD.

I'll load up the Civic with the tools and tires, and pass the key to someone who wants to go....and I'll hand them a few camera's to take some pics with...but I'll also need to get someone to take a vid camera...and I'll pay for their spectator's/crew fee....

Anyone in MD near that area that wants to host us for the night?


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seats and harness's are installed, more wiring done, and the floorboard flooding taken care of...the drain tube from the front cowling was pissing onto the ECU....so that's fixed...the gas guage now works...

and the CRX has all the tires and wheels mounted...the carpet, door panels, keys and locks, distributor came in for it...so now it has all the parts tob rebuilt as well....

The house now has A/C :)

I got a 4.11 diff coming too....so I'll have matching rings and pinions for the LSD to go in with... :ph34r:
air, im in MD and thats about 10 mins from me, unfor (not really) i'll be in hawaii on my honeymoon, but let me know if you need anything or any information i can probably help out


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I'm going to need a place for me and Chris to crash at when we get there Friday night...we might go hit the pool party that this one chick is throwing, and get a little drunk and wild. And then the huge drinkfest Sat night with the DA guys...and possibly a place to wrench on the Z if if breaks... :ph34r:


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this morning I ordered 2 new Azenis RT615's...in 14", and 2 new older Azenis...in 14"...they should be mounted on the 14" watanabes when they get here...

The diff is here and I'm in the process of swapping the ring gears around...got the 4.11 Ring and pinion...and the nismow 2 way LSD coming together nicely....this is going to be a sweet diff.

I still got to track down a damn 240sx 60mm throttle body... :angry:

I still got to get 2 Maxima Axles... :angry:

the rear strut towerbar is installed...a sweet difference... :)

I got to still rape the electric fan from the Jeep and install it on the Z.. :D

I also might need an adjustable FRP...if someone has one laying around..

If this one guy comes thru for me...then I'll have a new ACT 6 puck race disk... :ph34r:

the Z's developed a front main oil seal leak...so that needs to be addressed.. :angry:

I got the garage under construction again...got to go buy some more concrete this afternoon...so I should have about 10 sq ft more workspace after tommorrow... I got a computer in tehre...but I need one of you comp geeks to come over to network it... so I can stop coming back into the house to get the damn specs for the diff swap.

everything else should be sweet...and it looks like I will actually make this damn event with a real drifting machine.. Might do a small CarBeeQue this Sat ;)
I will try to make it down there this week. Tonight I have a Civic down, and a semi-clear garage.

-> Steve
ill come down wednesday morning to hang out for a bit, probably have danielle with me :)

if its easier for you to find a 300zx tb, get one and ill give you the one on brie's 240sx.


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we are going to need some video camera's....hint...hint...

so we can post me sucking like a shitty driver, or the Z being handled by JR, and of course the umbrella girls...vids of them are always sweet...

I'll have 21 bags of cement and some axels by tommorrow morning...and plenty of bottled water and beer on hand...I got to make some useable space in the garage by friday...so the Z can come in sunday for some masive work.... :ph34r:

and a side note....the wife has been lurking lately...so I got my ass chewed out this morning for buying more tires.... :ph34r:

I luv ya honey :-*

hehe...and after this season...once the Z and the civic are set up decently, the garage built a little bit more...it will be time for me to find a new hobby that both me and the wife can do...together.. :) ;)
Originally posted by Airjockie@Jul 12 2005, 03:13 PM
hehe...and after this season...once the Z and the civic are set up decently, the garage built a little bit more...it will be time for me to find a new hobby that both me and the wife can do...together.. :) ;)
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