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i was just bored and decided to find out what all of you guys drink...i personally like coors...hook me up with 3 coors 40's and i'm good for the night...shiet, i fucked up the poll....my bad...i'm stupid


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a nice beer is JW Dundee's Honey Brown


if I'm looking to get very drunk on a cheap beer, I'll always opt for Busch or Natty


I cannot drink any other beer than St. Pauli Girl OR expensive German beer imported.

all that domestic shit makes me sick.

Corona is nothing but two guys in Tijiuana pissing into a bottle (ever notice how the levels of each of the 6 coronas in a 6-pack are different?)


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dont really like beer much and its the only one you dont get looked at weird for getting a lime with it

prefer kettle one or grey goose w/ cranberry :D


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Beer- Bud, MGD... Mike's hard Iced Tea

Shots- red headed slut, blackberry brandy

Drinks- Captain n' Coke, Long Island Iced Tea, Whiskey Sour, Alabama Slamer.


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Guiness or Candian

i should say big rock cause i got a job with them for the summer and i get super chaep beer but it still sucks but it cheap


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Corona is all I can stand. I'm not the the "drinking age" so I don't get to try a lot of beer. Mike's Hard Lemonade is good from time to time.


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i like bud ice .... mmmmmmm.... and yet i am one of the many not old enough to drink but i do so dont tell anyone shhhhhh


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"You can have any beer you like, as long as its a Corona."

couldn't pass it up. seriously tho Hornby's Cider y0!