Favorite food when you are broke

Whats your favorite food to eat when you are broke?

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Rest In Peace
Airjockie's secret.......

buy a few bags"o"burritoes a week...the ones with 10 in a pack, then nuke them...4 at a time per meal, then top with sliced cheese...nuke again, salt...pepper, cover with katsoup, mayo, A-1, and some hot "PACE" pacanty chunky souse...and a tad bit of Okonomikaki souce if handy.....and a huge Pepsi "one" to wash it down.....

sure...you'l fart a lot, but the amount of energy it gives you....you could practically live on them... :ph34r:
i go with some idahoen instant mashed potatoes at 79cents a packet and some cheapo hot dogs on my gorge forman. Now thats a quality meal that will fill you up for under 2 bucks :worthy:
Lol, I've never been broke and I still love ramen. I can off hand think of several different ways to make it, so it adds variety to meals. Hell, if it weren't for me living and eating with my girlfriend I would probably eat it at least 4 days a week. Well, ramen coupled with frozen/taco bell burritos.
Totino's ~$1 Oven Pizzas. Check them out in your supermarkets freezer secton...
****Warning**** Those things will grease your colin up like no other! Be fore-warned.


Mac n Cheese and Hot Dogs.

We ate this a lot when I was a real young. We are poor. WHen I grew, we moved onto mashed potatoes and gravy with cut up pork or something cheap. It sucks now, I hate it, but I used to love it to death. After eating something 3-5X a week you get sick of it.
WHen I was in Iraq, I worked the night shift, so we couldn't get to the Dining facility to get real food. Lived on Ramen alone for 8 months until I was transferred. Can't beat it. Besides, the year and a half I was in college I ate almost solely Ramen... Maybe some hot sauce in it to spice things up. Ramen, hands down
LOTS and lots of caned food, buy it 60 cents or so a can, buy cases of it and take it to work, I usually eat two on lunch to save money. If I get sick of it I add hot sauce or cheese.
When I'm poor, I like to go out of town to a nice restaurant. Order up some fabulous stuff, Get a doggy bag full of exotic fruits and cheeses...


-> Steve