FCC and their iron fist...


so whats everybody think about the FCC and the stir they are creating...
i think american life is kinda wacked with whats on tv and such, but somethings are just a little much

one example off hand is fox blurring out a cartoons ass cause they are afraid of the FCC, but the kicker is they played the same episode (Family Guy) 5 years ago without blurring it out..


edit: and i blame all this on janet jackson and her lame cry for attention, i hope that whore bitch dies of bleach poisioning or some shit, such an ugly beast... i mean breast...


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it's like whenever they play blazing saddles on tv... they cut out the 'fart' scene... but they say nigger all over the place.

or how they can say ass, bitch, and all that on tv. it's so odd.


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Yeah, well thank the the religious right's influence on the republican party. Its kind of funny when you think about it, given the republicans historical perogative of limited government, and now how they want the government to intervene by legislating morality.


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why the fuck is it so hot in here???? and whats with this hand basket??????


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what episode did fox blur??

I like that episode where they had some questionable dialogue on it and Peter says something about "whats the network going to do? Cut our funding? I'm going to go get a beer."

Then as he walks to get a beer he's a solid object rocking back and forth. :lol:


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Originally posted by Battle Pope@Jan 20 2005, 01:30 AM
LOL! I remember all of these.

I've got all 3 seasons in the boxed sets.
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Me too. :)


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CBS can air Saving Private Ryan unedited but Family Guy is censored? What about all the times on The Simpsons where you see Homer or Bart's ass?