Feeler post...87 CRX SI Autocross Beast..

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Seeing everyone selling their cars off...I was wondering what mine could get right now in it's condition....

1987 CRX Si...
bought in 1999...crashed in 1999...been rebuilding it off and on since 1999...

currently has a blown motor in the car...and a fresh motor on the engine stand waiting to go in.

now for the few things that the car has...

re-fabbed stock seat...I removed bolsters from another spare seat and added them to the existing bolster on the drivers seat...and made it a super hugging comfortable seat. Mugen THICK Steering wheel that ate about $600 for me to get....still in mint conditon and kept out of the sun. Mugen old school shift knob, and a mugen rear center garnish...plus I picked up a Mugen brake resivoir cozy in Japan this year...for the hell of it. Ok...enough mugen...err wait...ohh yeah...the wheels...they are also mugen....CF-48 13x 5.5 38 offset, wrapped in decent Advan A005's...for the autocross season that I wanted to do...they are black centers and a pollished lip...and the even have the aerocovers to help promote brake cooling...etc...etc...they were a pretty dollar that I spent for the car. They will also come with 2 fresh hoosiers thats kept up in the attic of the garage. And I might throw some other tires and rims toward the car if it will make it worth a little more.

Enough Mugen....Ok...thats cool.

The engine in the car was blown...as kaboom...sputter...sput..kaputtt....

I think I lost the fuel pump or I just over boosted or just didn't have the exhaust the right size...but I think it's the fuel pump that cut out...couse I couldn't get any pressure to the rail the last time I cranked it up..ohh well...that engine had very bad rings to begin with so I boosted the car with a TD04 turbo and an FMU...ran sweet. I have another engine that was in better shape, and I had it cleaned..and I was going to take it apart and go thru it when I had time...and get it tweeked so that it would run sweet when installed...but I never got to it. The head on the car has been ported and polished by myself for about 16 hours when I did it in 2000...it came alive and proved some gains...then I built my own homemade fuel pressure reg...and it worked so sweet..I could adjust to 0.5 psi if needed. and a few more engine mods...but I can tell your getting bored already from reading this...


I am the one that runs ATF, full synthetic fluid in the trany..it works, shift quik, smooth, and improved shifting feel. Plus I installed a Phontom Grip fake LSD in there...and I was impressedIt worked for what I wanted it to do...and everytime I tore the trany apart..I never saw anything wrong. There is also an ACT HD pressure plate in there along with a cheap Autozone disk...works good, and I never had a problem. Along with a stock flywheel that I had a machine shop professional lighten...more money out the door...but worth the money...are you asleep yet?

For the suspention...it's all new..and installed...Tokico Illumina's (5 way adjustable shocks, and struts) on all four corners....still have the stock torsion bar in the front, but it's stiff...for the rear..It has brand new coil-overs with 450lb springs...yes...450...a stock corvette has like 250 lb springs...sorry...I just don't like my kidneys. Fully installed poly bushings everywhere on the car...it is stiff...the only thing on the car that will flex...is the damn tires..

The car is in need of a paint job...but if that's not important to you..then screw it..paint won't stick to it after it done being built....yes...it needs a rebuild...I already have a new t25 or a tdo4 14b that will go on to a clean looking fresh HF manifold...all it needs is a spacer/adapter made. It will come with a 13b that is already on anothor hf manifold...so the turbo department is good.

interior wise...if you don't strip it out...but you will have to eventually...the carpet got wet for a few years..and needs to be replaced...but Hark...I already have a fresh carpet in a box for it..I also have every part to make the interior super mint and clean, the eterior super mint and clean...and hell..prolly enough parts to build another CRX if you had a frame. And they would all go with this sale....if I sell it.

are you still with me..?

Wake up...back to the point....this is a feeler post to see what it would be worth right now if someone wanted to bring a trailer and a huge U-Haul to get the car and all the parts....out of my garage and out of my hair....

I did mention the accedent...ohh well..common knowledge...I front endded a Rustang many years ago...and rebuilt the car once...and actually made it stronger in the front than when it comes stock...but I didn't do the tube frame trick...I just peiced it back together with another car's front end....the time and sweat that that took...OMG..anyway's...the title is still clean...but it might show up on carfax thingy. And the car is still registered...and I still have insurance on it...even though I haven't drove it in over two years. So keeping it legal is no problem..it just has to be smogged if that person was to buy it and they live in the smog required states...

too much to talk about on this car...but the people that have drove it...has liked it when it was in it's prime...

So shoot out some prices that are at least not stupidly low...or I will PM you and laugh at you and then post it as me laughing at you here, and then I might post that post somewhere else and still make fun of your lame stupid joke of an offer or rediculasly low price that you would pay for a mean autocross/hell of a daily driver car. You can tell I'm at work bored off my ass on a Saturday night...huh...hehe
Don't think of this as "An older Honda that needs a motor". It's actually a race tub, that has enough of it's goodies to be run on the road. Imagine seeing a listing in the paper for "Rolling race shell, motor seperate".

What this has over a lot of other cars is a well designed and one-of-a-kind suspension setup. It's not catalog-shopped, but it's truly designed with a steering geometry that it adhered to. You can dive into corners so goddam hard that you will swear it's your ass - And this CRX just takes it. It corners, literally and proven, faster and with better grip than a Ninja 900 with new tread and a seasoned rider. It's light as hell (With strategic chassis lightening) and yet it's been reinforced in areas that make it stiff as hell. With the seats holding onto your sides, you NEED a helmet buffering seat or you risk damaging your neck. Going into an apex over dips or bumps doesn't phase the cornering lines of the cars - It is sure to make your eyeballs pop out though.

The chassis gets whatever power is under the hood to the ground, regardless of the condition of the ground. And regardless of your chiropractic bills. It's a race car without numbers.


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now your reminding me about it....and I might want to keep it... :(

but I'd rather have some cash so when I see another Z pop up for sale...I could afford it... :)
You can't sell a car :)

"...I just peiced it back together with another car's front end...."

He literally took two CRXs and made them occupy the same space. Quantum front end.
the little CRX rocks...

just give it to me ;) i need a DD for awhile when the talon/mirage swap goes underway. :D


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Originally posted by TurboMirage@Aug 22 2005, 02:08 PM
the little CRX rocks...

just give it to me ;) i need a DD for awhile when the talon/mirage swap goes underway. :D
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Well...I rolled it into the garage last night...and not for storage purposes... ;)


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AS is...someone bring $3500 cash (firm will not barter below that) and a trailer and a truck to put ALL of the parts into...and it's theirs...for this week only...