Figured I'd ask here... Haltech, AEM EMS's or.....

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The Trisexual
Since I have almost no options for the 1996 a4 as far as EMS's. I have three choices pretty much.

Haltech EMS -$1200
AEM EMS - $1500

or sell the car and get a 97+ 30V.

The reason for this would be to SC it. Total cost would be anywhere from $2500-3500 and I'd only make 275-300 hp or so for possible 12s, with some coilovers a badass track car.

Right now I'm thinking that keeping the car for a few months and then selling it for the 30V is the best idea. There are more options for the 30V and it's tuneable/chippable without a stand alone.

Yes, I've decided I have to modify it one way or another. The most I'd do to this is a CAI, Exhaust, tint and maybe some rims if I decide not to SC this.

The 12V is like an LS and the 30V is like a GSR. The latter being a better, more powerful starting platform.


neither. IMO, its a pimp daily driver and leave it at that. you start throwing boost at that motor, and you're going to have problems... maybe not with the motor- but with everything else connected to it. audi's are not hondas.