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i was lookin at the gearing for the 5th gen civics and i found out the gearing the same but the final drive is different.... so what my question is what is final drive and what final drive is better.

i found this info here in reference

this goes for cx/dx/si
1st: 3.25
2nd: 1.9
3rd: 1.25
4th: .909
5th: .702

cx final drive : 3.888
dx final drive 4.058
si final drive 4.25
Hey I am not quite sure, but I believe it is the gear between the actual 1st 2nd and 3rd thust making many longer and what not. don't take my answer for sure because really I have no clue but play gran turismo 3 a lot. Someone else correct me if I am wrong.
What you are seeing is due to the gearing in the differential. After power goes through the transmission gears but before it goes to the wheels it has to travel through the differential which has a ring and pinion gear in it. This gear can vary in ratio anywhere from 2.5 to 6.5 to 1 and it acts as a muiltiper for the gears in the tranny. As for what's better the higher the number the quicker you will get to speed, but a lower number number means you can achieve a higher top speed, so what's better depends on your app but generally you want to stick to the high side Aka a shorter gear. Hope this helps