finally finished!!!

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so i finally got my zc vtec motor in!!!! took damn long enough but everything so far is hooked up right... i had to redo the wiring all through-out because the guy before me (mickey-mouse) had everything rigged but everything is cool now and it all works like a beaut no check engines what so ever... only problem is the skunk manifold is really close to the fire wall to where if i launch the car... it breaks the tps sensor... because it slams into the firewall i gotta do some hammering!

my question....

any safe recomended wait period before i slap the turbo on... or you think im cool already? .....

i have everything for the kit done just need some IC pipes and its going in... unless there is some amount of time i should wait before slapping a damn turbo on it?
Originally posted by 92civicb18b1@Aug 20 2005, 07:34 AM
well, you should do a compression and leak down test before you put your kit on.
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If the motor is freshly built (new rings, bearings, etc..) I would drive it for at least a thousand miles before slapping a turbo on it.. Give it time to break in.

If its a used engine, Just compression/leak down and slap the turbo on it. Dont forget the injectors!
they compression tested the thing right in front of me... i havent had any overheating problems for about 6 days now... since i got it... the fan isnt hooked up to turn on with the thermostat i hard wired it so i can kick it on when ever needed....

i gotta rotate the turbo so everything will line up right as far as oil feed and return...

i gotta research on the coolant line routes and vaccum lines as well... but ill figure that out shortly....

my question... if i put 450 cc injectors... being that i have a fpr for slight adjustability... anyway i can run the setup... on like 4-5 lbs with just the injectors and fuel adjustment from the fpr with out any outside adjustment safely... am i gonna have to let it sit untill i can get it to a dyno?
no, you'll need some form of engine managment. you can't just throw the big injectors on there and turn down the fuel pressure for the time being. try and get a turboedit basemap for your setup and chip your ecu. that should be sufficient to run it until you can get it properly tuned, but even then, i'd try to stay out of boost as much as possible.

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