Finally getting ready for real classes

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I finally got around to meeting my dept head, and had a good meeting. im declaring in the fall cause my major name is changing. and now it sounds cooler.

Visual Communication Design
with a minor in Multimedia Programming.

hopefully it should set me up for a few good things. i start with computer graphics, and Vis Comm Design I in the fall along with my last general. cant wait. i wont actually start programming Java untill next winter. and i suck at math so im kinda nervous about that. but i think i get to start some VB programming and Flash in the fall.

ive never actually programmed before and i know several people on here do, so basically how hard is it to pick up? and please tell me that its fun.

it feels good to finally have some direction and a possible idea at "what im gonna be when i grow up"


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Nice goin'. I'm going back to school in the fall so I can become a secondary school teacher. Yeah, yeah, shitty pay, blah blah blah. But it'd be hella fun and making lots of money doesn't concern me too much.


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I just got done taking my Database programing class final today. VB isnt to bad really, you just really need to practice and pay attention. I have some really shitty programs I wrote. What school are you going to? is a pretty good resource for finding code samples but there are plenty of other sites that are way better then MSDN. Good luck to you btw.


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im up at Eastern Washington University.

thanks. im lookin forward to it.


we should start a programming help forum :p

i use (x)html/css/javascript/asp/vb/php/sql all day everyday... if you get stumped, feel free to ask.


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I took a programming class the second semester of my freshman year. It wasn't that bad (math is also my weak are. me=history major), you've just got to be able to think within a kind of framework. As to it being fun... well working on a program can be pretty frusterating, but it feels nice when you actually get it working.


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yeah, my pops is the VP of software at his company, and has been programmin for 28+ yrs, so hes gonna be a good resource, but im sure ill be bouncin some stuff off you Brian.