Finally got Finished With Uberdata Install


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Well I finally finished chiping my ECU with Uberdata 1.65r3 and I also got my FTL (Full Throtle Launch) working. I stage at 5000 rpm and redline at 8000 RPM now. Video's Below. I also got my idle fixed, ever since I converted the car to OBD1 and did the Mini-me swap my idle has always pulsed. Im so happy I have Uberdata, its just as good as Hondata, has all the same features and it only cost 20 dollars in parts because the software is free.

900 RPM Idle
Full Throttle Launch 1
Full Throttle Launch 2
Full Throttle Launch 3
Full Throttle Launch 4
Full Throttle Launch 5
Full Throttle Launch 6
Full Throttle Launch 7

Sorry about the squeaky breaks...


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Originally posted by projekteg@Jan 18 2005, 09:03 AM
good thing your clutch is toast or you'd be spinning through 3 gears with ftl set that high ;)
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LOL. Ya my clutch is gone, centerforce can suck my a$$. Thats the only reason I have it set that high and I was also just playin with settings.