Finally Got It

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came into houston yesterday. im in austin but im goin home this weekend to put it in.

thanks. its a 2nd gen b16 w/ lsd tranny goin into my 5th gen cx. i can wait to test it out. ill take some more pics when i get home.
Originally posted by Sweet InStinct@Jan 16 2003, 11:24 PM
Sounds good.
Is the b16 an integra engine?

it came out of 89-91 jdm sir civics, 92-95 sir2 (tranny was hydro) , then wahtever year del sol, then the 99-00 si

it came in a XSI teg in japan 90-93 year

i pulled the b8 out this weekend. and i actually have the b16 in but have yet to take a picture since i had to come back to austin for classes. i havent fired it up yet so im still anxious. this is a pic from the cleaning process. check out the jdm headlights and corners.

and wiring sucks. if this thing fires up on the first try ill be a happy man. i dont think i can take much more of that crap.