finally got my swap done!!

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after so many months of problems. i finally got my car running real nice. first project, first attempt at a swap. ran into a lot of problems while doing this project but it was fun. stressful at the same time tryin to figure out what to do with all the problems. first i had to wait about 3 weeks to get all the right mounts in. then i couldnt find the right radiator hoses to fit, so it kept leaking and leaking. lol. then came to the wiring. it threw about 9 different codes and almost made me give up on the project. but i just sat down and started to do more research on the codes and what to do. when i first put the motor in, it started up perfect, but then when i revved it. it only revved to 3000 rpms then started to bogg out like that was its redline. wiring was all messed up. then vtec didnt engage. ahh the problems i ran into. not fun at all. then when everything was done. car ran perfect. only thing is. theres some white smoke coming out the exhaust during vtec. i dont know what it is. hmm. i dont have pics of my car yet. but i will have them up for you all.


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