finally pick up my new rex


my name is Dale
so sunday i went and picked up a 91crx si for $2500 thought it was a good price since there is no rot and has all recipts for everything. Anyway drove it home and around for a few min. the only problem the battery does not hold a charge. ok no big deal. But then today i took it out around the block and drove it back to the house, put the battery charger on and the fuckin car wont start!!! turned over and over but would not fire. so after like 15 min of trying i said fuck this and left. what would you guys do? what do i say to the kid i bought it from? tommorow if its wormer then 10 degrees i'll check it out alittle more.

cliff notes
bought car, paid $2500
drove it for a few min
drove it again for a few and now wont start!! :angry:


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:unsure: hmm... don't know

"all sales are final, sold as is" :doh:

try to find the problem, I am sure it's minor.


the battery could have a dead cell in it which would explain why it wont hold a charge. replace the battery and see if that works.


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once the new battery is in, make sure the alternator is doing its thing too.

congrats on the rex though (once it runs for more then 10 minutes) i just picked one up this weekend too.



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I arranged a deal with my friend who has a 90 CRX DX and I was supposed to pick it up Saturday morning, went there and it wouldnt start. Here it is Monday, Monday, Monday and I stil dont have it. It sukcs when all your friends have Civics.


before you go buy a new battery, pull one out of another car you have laying around. that way if its something other than the battery, you can just take it back to the kid, and wont be out the cost for a new battery.