Finished My Swap Pics Inside.

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hello I finished my swap. Click on the link for a mods list and pictures. Please post your opinions in the guest book. Wether good or bad I will leave them for everyone to see. AS LONG AS THERE IS NO FOUL LANGUAGE. FOUL LANGUAGE WILL BE DELETED.
My Civic Swap


looks like a little circus under you hood lol. oh, and thank god for that vacuum gauge. one more thing, whats with painting your block and im the same color but different than the valve cover...or anything else under there for that matter.

either way, enjoy your ls (vtec?) motor.


Buck Futter
A while back I ate like 2 bags of neon gummi worms before I went out drinking....the next morning my toilet bowl (And some of the surrounding area) looked somewhat like your engine bay...



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Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha thats funny big ass curicuos goin on in there good motor tho got the same thing.


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your engine bay looks like a hippie's shirt with all those colors. let's see what we got here....yellow, teal, 2 (maybe 3?) shades of blue, and not 1, not 2, not even fucking 3, BUT 4 different shades of red! that's awesome.

now besides the fact that there's no concept of color coordination in your swap, you did a good job man. don't let our cynical and condescending comments discourage :D


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Nice teal engine bay with blue and red and silver engine o and can't forget the trusty yellow top battery!! haha wow man crazy engine bay!


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LOL. Im going to have to agree with the colors and the valve cover...



Didnt anyone read why the valve cover is there or did everyone just look at the pics. It was there because they sent it like that. In the picture I saw before I bought it it looked like the stock one but blue. But when it got here it was that. I am waiting for the new one. I also put the stock crank pully back on and I am working on toning down some of the colors. But some of them have to stay. Like the msd system is naturaly red thats the way it comes so thats the way it stays..

Also for all of you saying why did you get the yellow top battery and not the red. The yellow top was made for the honda. The red one is fatter and doent belong there... I like performance in a battery I am not going to use the wrong battery for the car when the yellow one was made for the car.


good way to handle critiscism, i really don't want to see Hswap turn into Hater-Tech!
The swap looks clean man, good job gettin it all setup, just tone down the colors like you said, and make a video of you burning the VC.
Also, i'd put a optima yellow in my car anyday of the week, except tuesday.