firefox help

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i just upgraded to firefox 3 and regret it already, i absolutely hate the dropdown history in the browser.

anybody know if there is a way to change this?
it DOES suck for the first couple days...
its a learning bar.

trust me, i hated it at first too when i first installed it, but now its bad ass. i type 3 letters of where i want to go, and it has it selected.

but, there is a plugin at mozilla to use the old 2.0 style bar. i forget what its called.

but i suggest giving it a try for a couple days.
lol.. i dont remember, it upgraded a while ago.

i thought about it after i posted it, and i dont even notice it anymore.
but when it first upgraded i was like.. gayyy.
it seemed slower too.
i know about having to tupe in a few letters, but i usually just drop down and highlight bc all the sites i go to are there, now it only saves a few of them, the rest i have to type in.