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It's just about time for me to get my first car and I have around 5k to spend on car and parts. I need help deciding what do get. I was thinking civic and doing a b18c swap (i can get one for 1600 w/ everything needed). I really want a somewhat sporty 2dr car rwd, fwd or awd. there is a track i can get to on the weekends so what is the fastest car w/ not to much maintenence for this price. can you give me sugestions w/ hp, drive type, price, mods i can do, 1/4 mile info and your oppinion on the car. Thank you soo much if you help me.

hey look at my gallery I got that for my first car...I bought something unique that no one has in your area....meaning a sol or something like that...
Well good luck finding an AWD car that you can afford. Honda's are great but they will never be as fast as a RWD car that has had some work done to it. But at the same time, a GSR swap for 1600, that is great prie. I would say pick up a del Sol S or a civic hatchback for about 3-4 thouthand and then throw that in there. True it will not be the fastest car at the track but remember, noone expects a 16 year old kid to have a ten second car but your car will do less than a less than a 15 second car, for a 16 year old kid that is not bad.
Thanks for the help so far. I live in a pretty rich area yet most the kids drive pos cars or a save old volvo

are there any sporty rwd 2rdr imports in my price range
hell yeah a nissan 89-93 240sx, drop a sr20det motor in and do some basic bolt ons...and you got a quick did one for a project car it owns...300 whp
MR2's kick ass (2nd gen, 90-94) The problem with them is that the insurance is insane because they consider it a performance mid rear engine exotic car and you being 16 or so, the insurance will kill you. Also, they are alot like an exotic in that they have no room what so ever, if you play any sports like golf or hockey, good luck fitting your equipetment in there with another person. I am 16 and i have a del sol and even now it sucks sometimes and there is alot more room in a Sol then a MR2.
mr2's are not known for their reliability and they are expensive as fuck to get work done on (no one likes to work on a mid engine) with that said ...if you can do the work yourself they are very fun and pretty fast depending what one you get
actually i heard that there reliability was pretty good (only pertaining to the 2nd gen 2.2 and 2.0T engine but as e solsi said, just simple maintance will cost you a ton because they are just like the old Fearios, you basicly have to take half the engine out to get at anything.
get an S13 (89-93 240sx) coupe or fastback with no motor or a blown one. buy a front clip with the sr20det around $2000-3000 try and get an LSD with it. that's a mid-to-high 14-second car right there (i did 14.9 after a swap with a slipping clutch, no LSD, stock exhaust)... add basic stuff intake, full 3-inch exhaust, clutch, get rid of the pesky speed-governor (it's 118mph stock) and you're on your way and still have enough left to upgrade the suspension.
Originally posted by Prowler@Feb 10 2003, 09:13 AM
Find a late 80's early 90's 300zx.

i thought that they were produced from 90-94, they just debuted them in 1989.

Yea those cars are bad ass and you can even find some that are 2 2bitch seats (can be usefull) prices on them are still close or more than 10k.
how much are you willing to spend? Anything is possible with money, You can do a front end conversion to a silvia (not 100% sure what kind of head lights they have but i am pretty sure they are normal, non pop up head lights.
Never been a fan of them. They are heavy and unrealible. If your looking at front wheel drive cars, check out del sols. They are sweet little cars and great in the summer. Last summer, about 99% of the miles i put on my car, i had the top off. Great thing about the sols top, it takes ten seconds to put it in the trunk and you can almost do it when your stoped at red lights (did it once) plus no one around here has ever seen or heard about them so it is like your driving a poor mans exotic.
how much do sols go for? and are they 2 or 4 seaters
Don't buy a Supra under the year 93 1/2. I've owned two, the 7MGTE blows and so does nearly everything else in them. Sol's look like pregnant ducks, I see way too many hatches round here. I'd say get a CRX. Light and dangerous when you give em a B18C.