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sup fella's, if anyone got the time, would someone give me some tips on putting a Z6 into a 90crx si. all i know really is i have to hook up vtec. (hopefully not to a switch). Thanx again to anyone with experience who helps me out a lil. :worthy:
If you wait a few days I can write about the different ways to hook up the z6. (I have to do some stuff and another 60 hour work week) I ran 3 ways on my civic. Running obd1 is the best way. using the switch sucks, and everyone laughs at you for using a switch. Use a search engine and look for a site that has soemthing like kurtsi in the address. It is a very good site. It might be linked somewhere in some older z6 threads on here or on
a buddy of mine put a z6 in a crx a few weeks ago andhe used a 5" autogage tach with a shift light and used the shift light as a rpm activated switch to activate the vtec this way he can set it wherever. worked out well good luck in whatever u do