First Ticket

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well i was coming home from my job at burger king when i got my first ticket last night it was for 50 in a 40 the cop was a jerk and gave me a speech about how his wife and kids have to travel that road and how people like me are menaces just wondering if anyone could give me any advice how to make it so my insurance doesnt skyrocket or i dont have to pay for the ticket i need someway out of this
that sucks. were u really doing only 50? i know cops sometimes downgrade the ticket to give u a little bit of a break. the only thing u can do, as far as i know, is to show up in court and 1) hope the cop doesnt show, which is usually a very good chance, or 2) if he does show up, tell the judge your speedometer said 40 and hope he beleives you. good luck.


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Hey dude, if it was late at night and no one was on the road dude, the judge would have to be a TOTAL asshole to make you pay the full price. Tell him you didnt even realize you let it creep up 10miles an hour and that it was a total accident (i know kissing ass always sucks but hell, it gets you out of trouble sometimes)
lol i was going 70 when i stomped on the brakes(luckily he clocked me at 50) and like 6 cop cars pulled in behind him out of nowhere , do cops really always not show up and if i do go to court does it cost anymore if i lose or whatever or do i need a lawyer or will it hurt me anymore if i lose

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no you just show up and plead your case directly to the judge, and it won't cost you anything. If the cop doesn't show, all you have to do is not fuck up in court, usually. Claim you were intent on watching the road cause it was dark "I didn't even notice my speed creap up..."