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The most holy of all HondaSwapHolies is upon us ! Greet our exalted leader, pop open a bottle, and load up Photoshop for the Holiday !

-> Steve

Battle Pope

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wtf is up with flag day?

I'm gonna guess that it's kinda like the whole angry bear thing (as in, I'm way too new to understand.)



Omgz!!111 I almost forgot about flag day! I even told a co-worker happy flag day this morning...It didn't even click.



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Here's the O.G. for all of y'all that don't know......


:) I can't wait. I wish I had photoshop on this computer..... :lol:


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this should be in the front-cover hall of fame. Just look at that expression.

We still need an Expose: Why did Brian go Scoob ?!

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