Fmax Turbo Kit

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in my experience....
F-Max kits have a bit different fuel system than most turbo kits for our hondas (2 injectors before the tb) so that might go for a tricky install, which in turn costs you more money. the d16 will defiantly not last long at 225 whp, and this is just 1 of the reason i do not like the f-max kits. they give you alot of pre-tuned/calibrated fuel management, but no real engine support.(actually, now that i think of it, i think they can include a thicker headgasket if you give them some more $$$, and then you have to have that headgasket put in, costing you even more $$$). So with this fuel setup, who's gunna tune it if you want to go onto a higher boosting more hp application later on?

Onto their crappy manifolds with no warranty.. F-Max manifolds that are fabricated for hondas are made from mig welded boiler parts. Not to mention that they flow like crap(worse than drag manifolds)

Do yourself a favor, and check out either Max Rev kits, or Rev Hard Turbo kits for your car. has a big deal on max rev kits(2400 shipped, intercooled) or both very nice quality turbo kits, and a good base to work off of.
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I have an F-max kit and love it, well I started with an F-max kit, I have heard just the opisite about the manifolds, I heard they are some of the best made log style manifolds and comparing them to the Drag kit is a Joke, a rising rate regulator is a peice of crap in my opinion. I agree there are better routes than the addition injectors but they work alot better than trying to make your stock injectors flow 7+ times the stock fuel pressure, I agree the greddy kits and Rev hard and max rev are all nice kits too. But comparing the Drag manifold to F-max I have always seen F-max get higher #'s than drag, and I ran the F-max kit at 8psi on a stock engine for a year with no problems and gained 80 whp at 8psi without getting any tuning done. And F-max has stood behind their products 100%, I have talked to them many times as well as some people from Drag and there is no comparision in customer service, F-max does warrenty their manifolds and so far of the 20 F-max kits I kow none have had any cracking problems, and some of those have been ran to 20+ psi. THis is just my opinion, no offense boostedGS, this is just what I have experienced. Hope this helps. Plus now F-max is owned by Turbonetics and so they have a lot more experience, now also I must say I am talking about the drag gen 3 manifolds, I have no experience with the newer ones so maybe the newer ones are better.


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Fmax Turbo Kits.

In response to the fmax turbo kit, i think it is the best turbo kit out there. I had a 95 honda civic ex, 2 dr, coupe, manual. I bought the fmax turbo kit in 2002 and I had about 40k on the car. I decided to go with the head gasket option to lower compression because the results were about 225 horse to the wheels along with the same in torque. When installed I used ARP head studs so I would not be able to stretch the head bolts. I started off at stock boost which was 7 psi from the wastegate to my knowledge. I was a little skepticle at running 15 psi everyday on pump gas like the website said you could with the headgasket, but i decided to give it a try. The timing was retarded .2 degrees per pound of boost. So 3 degrees total. I bought a Greddy profec b boost controller on hooked it up. I had all the guages, temp, air fuel, oil pressure, etc. Let me tell you, because the kit comes with a stand alone fuel management and 2 440 lucas injectors, the kit was perfectly tuned and I even passed emitions. I ran 15 pounds of boost everyday for about 3 years and put about 50,000 miles on the turbo kit, with no problems!!! I used 20 50 oil weight due to the low compression. But it's true, honda rods are thicker then a mustang 5.0 and as long as you lower the compression your good. There were a couple times I ran 17 lbs and didn't even lean out. If you want to get more boost, buy the piston and rods. My car ran awesome becuase the injectors didn't kick on untill you were on boost. And it came with a three bar map sensor so it reeds the rpm your ar, the fuel, and boost and adjusts the lucas injectors so your car runs totally normal. I'm telling you guys, this kit is for real!!!! I would not joke, the only reason I sold the car is becuase I bought a house, and I used to be a car guru. Do exactly what they tell you and you will be fine. I beat a lot of cars out there with this kit and some of my friends still can't believe that I had no problems. That's because it's a HONDA!!


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I'd say rev-hard kit
Nice base kit with FMIC
and when i say it's a bolt on turbo kit , it really is. so far the easiest kit i ever installed

and what you can pump out in power is decent aswell

also 03 is a bit back in the day lol
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old thread guys. highly doubt hes still concerned with this lol