focus "beats" prelude


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look at all the guys mods who 'beat' the prelude...

00 ZX3 CD Silver
Present Mods:16" Motegi Gunmetal MR12 wheels,FS front and rear stress bars,AEM exhaust,FS shorty header,fc off-road pipe,yodude flexpipe,X14 diablo chip,Esslinger UDP,Volant intake,Crower St2 cams,FS spark plug wires,Progress springs,motor mounts,DPRS spoiler.
Future mods:19# injectors,MAF,Gude head

15.61 1/4 mile

and he runs a 15.61? with all those mods? how sad for him.


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lol, ZX3 just suck. Period.

It looks like an oversized egg on wheels. (kinda like the new SI...)
That prelude was probably not driven hard enough.

When I went to the 8th mile track here in DFW, a couple of riced out preludes were behind me and ran 11.512 secs in the 8th mile! I mean OMFG!! can't these guys learn to drive??!!

My civic ran a 10.6 ...makes me regret I didn't go up against them... *sigh*



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a kid around me has a focus with exhaust, cams, header, intake, gears, pulleys, and 75 shot zex. It hauls. He beat an eg with a b18c5 w/y80 and 55 shot by over a car length. That thing is fast. Foci are ugly and pieces of shit but thier not that slow


Originally posted by rmerrell@Oct 2 2002, 02:25 PM
I would beat the hella out of that car.. it must have gotten a prelude with an auto trans with someone not even gettin on it.. when i get my new pressure plate put in im going to the track ill post my times on herrre and let ya know..

what year prelude do you have?


Originally posted by pills_PMD@Oct 2 2002, 04:13 PM
the guy in the prelude wasn't racing. end of story. he was like... wow what a gay ass focus. i'm not going to waste my time

haha, that would be in any prelude owners case..