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These snozzberries taste like snozzberries...
we need to find a way to keep picks secret or there will be a lot of copying.


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I mean, if it was a really poular feature of a site you'd want to build it right into the forum. Just make a section under the profile where you choose the winners for the game (poll style), set a cut off for submission/changes - and then post results in a new sub-forum with either peoples win %'s or something like that.

Pools would of course be set up by individuals for the group or individuals.

Otherwise, what does anyone get out of this thread?


These snozzberries taste like snozzberries...
it's because the seahawks are the most complete team in the NFL.
haha I don't do fantasy football, when I was going through these I did the teams I knew best, and then went back and just tried to remember the teams for the cities I didn't. It's bad when all you can think of are the baseball teams for some cities.


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woot! I can't believe I did this good. Out of the 14 games played today I'm 10 and 4, hopefully washington can pull it off tonight so I can round out my Sunday picks to 11 and 4.


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Wow.....did anyone else see NY snatch that win right outta Philly's hands??
----NY scored 17 in the fourth to win in OT