for guys with trim experience

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i have an 00 civic ex coupe with a jdm b16 i take care of very well and issues that come up i address regardless of how long it takes to complete the project..
driver side window will fall out of tract every time lowered.. problem started out and progressed to that point over six months first would happen if i slam the door. then some times when i was driving and the window was all the way down then progressed to a point where it would fall out regardless if i put it down.. some times would not fall out of tract but rather come out towards the outside of the car and rise slightly above the door (the normal stoping point_) then i replaced the regulator on advice of honda techhnitian... and it doesnt want to go down as smoothly now and doesnt fall out the tract but rather seems as if it tilts foward on its axis and slides out of the rear window chanel and when goes up comes out the top on the outside of the whehicle. but i can guide it with my hand and itll be fine and no longer falls out the tract so its a slight improvement to the effect that i dont have to remove my door panel everytime i open my window but still is extremely not right. im thinking warped window chanels/ bad weather striping... also that little clip that is on the curving point of the door near the top on the weather striping every honda has one morning was just snaped out of the location and i couldnt get it back in... seems that all my window issues started then... passenger window just workin slow and laging and stoping at times then after little time works im attributing to a dying motor driver sides motor seems to be heading in the same direction