For Haters!

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This is the reason why we pimp out civics...

first of all... how many people can afford a 20k dollar Camaro with 325 hp... we might have not as much power but we sure can be as fast... its not nessasarly power that makes a car fast... its power to weight ratio... yes we might only have 180hp to your 300 but you weigh more then 1000lbs more... which all that extra weight is pulling around... Anyone can go out and buy a 14sec camaro... they dont have much braggin rights because every camaro owner with the same body and the same engine... wow big whoop we can go spend money... but the real guys who get the light on them is the 17 sec 80hp civic guys which stock are one of the slowest cars on the planet... (no im not a hater, i have one) but if you spent 20k on a camaro and u saw a civic (SLOW) wanting to race you... well you automatically think you have it won, but if you get beat... then you lost all of your pride... what im trying to explain here is that yes u guys do have big beefy V8's but lets face it, V8's arent nessasarly the best daily driver for speed... comarasion

Civic CRX - 3500
Engine - 3000
MPG- 35+
1/4mile- 13.3

Camaro Z28 20000
mods- 0
MPG- 18
1/4 mile- 14.1

1/3 the price and the civics get better gas and are faster and cheaper... I know alot of you haters think i have no room to talk ... but i used to own a 94 Trans Am 6speed , yes it was fast but i spent 9k for it and now i own a stock civic that i payed 900 for cuz of its gas mileage, im bout to drop a engine into it and i know it will be able to beat my old TA!! All in all, dont hate on civics, yes they are slow stock but they get more reconition if they beat a beefy V8!! all im saying is that you dont need to hate on 4bangers.. yes they might have not as much HP or cylinders, but if its fast its fast... yes i agree some civics are ricers , the ones with no engine mods juss a body kit and rims, but those arent all civic guys... alot of civic guys run under 15 in the quarter. my old buddy said that civics arent NO REAL POWER , he had a 64 Elcamino with a 350 that my v6 corsica smoked, he said although he lost , he has more power.... but how many tractor pulls he goina take it to?? now i have a CRX and i agree it doesnt have the power as a beefy V8, but with a new Vtec engine it will sure be as fast... so haters stop hatin :angry: !! peace y'all

Is this a good defense for all haters! be honest!

Tj :D


Whenever i see a guy in a muscle car, including the foreign exotics, i slow down,
look them straight in the eye.....

And give them the "pinky wave"

Stop trying to over-compensate for what's not there.....


I wanna be sedated
This rant would be better served on a domestic board.We already know all this :D


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it makes me feel better knowing my little 70hp civic has potential.

Rant on.


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It's a good agrument againist new cars in general not new domestic's. The same thing could be said about a older domestic and a S2k. The older car will always be cheaper even bulit, compared to a new sports car.


Originally posted by chevy302dz@Mar 7 2003, 12:37 AM
It's a good agrument againist new cars in general not new domestic's. The same thing could be said about a older domestic and a S2k. The older car will always be cheaper even bulit, compared to a new sports car.

and you know what? a real raced out streetable import that is fast, sounds 100x better than some
big muscle car going.....GRRRRRRR RUMBLE RUMBLE.
at least it does to me.


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sorry... but there is something about a loping ass cam with a gear drive on a big block with ankle burners just kickin up dust around the car... i get goosebumps every time i see it, im in love with fast cars period, my mode of getting to the other end is a honda, its been a chevy... the way i see it, if you're fast, you're fast. money comes into play quite a bit, yes, but does that mean when some guy with a mclaren f1 lm rolls up next to him you arent going to become captain bust a nut on sight? PROBABLY NOT! you wouldnt laugh at him because he spent more money than you did, you will just shit yourself and jerk off at the same time. fast is fast is fast, period.


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stud... you got raped on the prices there. 3500 for a rex? 3000 for an engine? I dont mean to hate but wow, thats a lot of cash. and how is it running 13.3s? seriously, let me know. I wanna know how to swap in an engine and run times like that. anyway, enough of an interogation for now. Good call on the f-body kids tho, they all assume a honda's gunna be a walk in the park. And sorry, but I'm with blackjdmdeath on the sound thing... but not necessarily on the money thing. Even if your crx gets beat by a camaro, its still feels to the driver like youre going faster. I personally prefer just enjoying myself and saving gas in the process. a b16 rex can EASILY be done for 3k, even less depending on one's skill and its gunna be alot more fun driving that around and taking your girl out for a movie and drinks rather than working to pay off the loan on your new f-body
I see a rant and i just start ranting... we need a rant forum


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Hey im juss saying that in general it would cost u bout 6k for a car to go 13.3, my rex costed me 900... but if u got a nice Si for 3k and then a b16a for 1500 and then 1500 in mods to make it go 13.3 :p so ya know ... hope i helped