For sale, Maybe..

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Golden EG
Hey guys, i didnt know where else to post this.. i have a D16Z6 set up for boost, it has Vitara YCP 8.5:1 pistons, and Eagle H-beam rods. I have a skunk 2 IM, with a 62mm BBS throttle body, The block was honed, but not bore'd, with new rings, and seals installed, new water pump, timing belt/tensor pully. The tranny has a stage 5 competition clutch, stock 12lb flywheel. The head has no performance work done but its in the future. Currently i've been running 19psi and putting out 235 whp. Now im really thinking about buying a B16 or B18 and wanna sell this engine. Now what would you guys pay for something like this.. please seriously put some thought into this so i know what price range to put it up for sale...
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