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i have a 84 crx hf and was wondering if a carb b18a from a jdm 2g lude or a 3g accord assited by a hasport motor mount kit,custom axles and custom shiftlinkage will work in my 84 crx?i just need to know if the motor mouts would work. i know everyone is saying no or hell no but its what i got plus no need for computer work.any feedback would be great!!!THANKS!!!! :D
Not sure if that old Accord bay share's the same mounting points as the others.Just because the motor says B18 on it,doesn't mean it is the same motor.That's the best answer I have,maybe someone else here has some better insight.
Originally posted by 24 2003, 11:23 PM
hasport makes mount for 650 or so for that swap
so if they make them they work

I talked to HAsport about this and they said that the B18A from the Accord is not like the other B series it is more like the old lude motors and they doubt that the B series kits will work.
hey thanks!!
(although thats not what i wanted to hear) well what do you think then of me getting a b16 from a 90 teg ls with a stand alone ecu as a starter?
The guy at HAsport said that he wasn't 100% that the mounts wouldn't work,but he said they are two different motors,the Accords B18 and the teg's.So what I take away from that is,if you can experiment,but if you are working on a budget and can't afford to have things not work out,go with what is known to work.Also being that the motors are different I wouldn't think that the carbed head is going to fit on the B16.
good point well i guess i better go with the ls and standalone huh?
thanks for the info though. now you think i can score everythig i need for 2500?engine, trans, mounts, axles, shift linkage, and oh yeah the stand alone? :D
Unless you're going to be making crazy power,than a stand alone is a waste of money.Start with the engine and then some bolt ons,eventually work your way up to needing to spend a ton of cash on a EMS.The stock ECU is more than adequate for starting to build power as you can have it chipped and or pick up a piggy back,like in this case you could go with a SAFC.The B16 isn't from the LS it is in the 89-93 Rsi/Xsi 89-91 rex/civic siR's and VTi's.If you're looking in tegs your going to find the B18A1 in the 90-91 GS/LS/RS,the D16A1/3/8/9 in the 86-89 models.
yeah i just found out the b18 is in the 90-91 teg's hmmmm, however would you know of a site where i can find a way to map a ecu and convert the fuel system into a efi or is there a way i can still make a good amount of hp on a carb'd car cause i don't i wanna go efi (reason i don't really have one) i heard there was a way to turbo a carb on's forums but i can't post nothing i'm a member but i still can't post shit! need some other ideas then just b18 or whatever a consideration i had was from a friend who stated that since almost all d series are compatble maybe i should swap my block for the one off the 1gen teg so i could at least i can gain more torque. but i'm open to suggestions what do you think i can do on a max 2000 budget (it was 2500 but i had some bills) :blink: