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i have a custom made hood that would be able to force air into my 93 honda civic. what i need to know is...what would need to be done to make the motor keep up? would it mess with my ecu? the hood has dual 8" x 6" ports, so you could imagine the air it pulls in. do you think it would be worth it? it actually slows me down now, but looks too good to take off. so i need to do somthing with the air.
umm ram air?
its gains are minimal if any over a cld air intake.... and now you have a gay looking hood with nostrils. :(
ram air hoods that arnt functional are gay. If you do choose to make it fuctional, there is absolutley nothing you need to do to your engine. The purpose of ram air is to push air into the engine kinda like forced induction, however, in order to merely make you intake mani pressure equal to atmospheric you have to be moving along pretty fast to begin with. It also lets you engine breath cooler air like a CAI. So if you think that a ram air will help you with the 1/4 mile, you have been misled. If you do alot of highway driving however, you may see and increase in fuel milage because of the increased volumetric efficiency you might get. The best way to see if this is working is to install vacum gauge in your car and see if the pressure increases when your on the highway
Just roll around town without a hood. Turn your intake upwards so it sticks out where the hood would be. You lighten up your car because of no hood. You cool your motor better, and get cold ram air to your intake. Only downside is that everyone and their mother see's what you got under your hood! :D :D :D :D :D :D
to each there own i suppose, but i would tend to agree with pissedofsol, chances are the hood does little or nothing for you

if you like how it looks, keep it i guess, i am kinda wondering what it looks like though, pics?
Just a thought, but could aerodynics be slowing the car down with all that wind getting caught under the hood and no where to go? 8x6 (times 2) is pretty damn big.